Ray Lambright Excellence In Safety Award and True North Safety Award

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  • Nomination

The AGC Houston Safety Committee established this award in 1993 to honor and recognize Ray Lambright, Olshan Companies, whose career spanned more than 37 years and was instrumental in instituting many of the safety training programs and policies we follow today.

Who Can Be Nominated

AGC Houston Members may nominate an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and a personal commitment in directing their company’s safety and health program in advancing the safety of all construction workers. Nominations may be submitted by the individuals’ companies, their peers or associates. This award is intended to recognize company safety directors, however, other individuals who have provided significant leadership in improving construction safety can be considered by the awards committee.

Nomination Process

Return nomination form and nominee descriptive to Kim Mason. Deadline is October 30, 2023.

Awards will be given out at the AGC Houston Safety & HR Professionals Conference at Dave & Busters I-10 on Nov. 2, 2023

True North Safety Award

  • 2023 Robert Schindler, McCarthy Building Companies

Ray Lambright Safety Award Recipients

  • 2023 Jonathon Montoya, McCarthy Building Companies
  • 2022 Liz Letourneau, Austin Commercial, LP
  • 2021 Cody Simmons, McCarthy Building Companies
  • 2020 Winston Hesch, McCarthy Building Companies
  • 2019 Robert Brown, Camarata Masonry Systems, Ltd.
  • 2018 Robert Schindler, Arch-Con Corporation
  • 2017 Eddie Escamilla, Karsten Interior Services, LP
  • 2016 Paul Johnson, Reliant Safety Solutions, LLC
  • 2015 Kevin Virag, Gilbane Building Company
  • 2014 David Hale, Peterson Beckner Industries, Inc.
  • 2013 Kim Mason, Holes Incorporated
  • 2012 Jorge Vasquez, Marek Brothers Systems, Inc.
  • 2011 Tom Knowlin, Vaughn Construction
  • 2010 Brandon Boyd, Fretz Construction Co.
  • 2009 Alfonso Hernandez, TAS Commercial Concrete Construction, LLC
  • 2008 Tom Bellows, W. S. Bellows Construction Corp.
  • 2007 Chris Roberts, Brookstone, LP
  • 2006 Mike Holland, Marek Brothers Systems, Inc.
  • 2005 Susan Phillips, Tellepsen
  • 2004 Dave Dedrick, Linbeck Group, LLC
  • 2003 John Johnson, JMP & Associates, LLC, Safety
  • 2002 Jay Marak, JMP & Associates, LLC, Safety
  • 2001 Homer Peterson, Peterson Beckner Industries, Inc.
  • 2000 Bob Bunning, Tellepsen
  • 1999 Larry Williams, Marek Brothers Systems, Inc.
  • 1998 Felipe Devora, Fretz Construction Co.
  • 1997 Grace Fox, TAS Commercial Concrete Construction, LLC
  • 1996 Lloyd Jukkola, Gilbane Building Co.
  • 1994 Tommy Lee, W. S. Bellows Construction Corp.
  • 1993 Ray Lambright, Olshan Companies