Construction Leadership Council Host First Cornhole Tournament

On April 7, 2021, the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) hosted its first-ever spring Cornhole Tournament with 40 teams competing for first place.  Big thanks to our sponsors, volunteers, and our members who joined us on the front lawn of AGC Houston.  For event photos, visit our Facebook Gallery.

Congrats to our tournament winners!

First Place:  BCSG Insurance Services
Second Place: Pieper Houston Electric, LP
Dead Ass Last: Cokinos | Young

Thanks to our Sponsors

IronEdge Group – Food and Beverage
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc., - Dead Ass Last
Waste Transfer Partners – In-Kind Raffle
DeWalt – In-Kind Raffle

In-Kind Board Sponsors

Raven Mechanical, LP
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.
TDIndustries, Inc.
Andrews Myers, PC
PackPew Brewing
Hoar Construction
Marek Brothers Systems, Inc.
Anslow Bryant Construction, Ltd.
ConstructionEco Services
Bartlett Cocke General Contractors
Pieper Houston Electric, LP


Andrews Myers, PC - Team 1
Andrews Myers, PC - Team 2
Andrews Myers, PC - Team 3
Anslow Bryant Construction, Ltd. - Team 1
Anslow Bryant Construction, Ltd. - Team 2
Bartlett Cocke General Contractors
BCSG Insurance Services, LLC
Cokinos|Young - Team 1
Cokinos|Young - Team 2
Construction EcoServices - Team 1
Construction EcoServices - Team 2
Crain Group, LLC
Emser Tile - Team 1
Emser Tile - Team 2
Greco Structures
Griesenbeck Architectural Products, Inc.
Hoar Construction - Team 1
Hoar Construction - Team 2
IronEdge Group
Johnson Controls, Inc.
Marek Brothers Systems, Inc. 
Marek Sawing & Drilling, LLC
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. - Team 1
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. - Team 2
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. - Team 3
OneDigital - Team 1
OneDigital - Team 2
Pieper-Houston Electric, LP - Team 1
Pieper-Houston Electric, LP - Team 2
Rogers-O'Brien Construction - Team 1
Rogers-O'Brien Construction - Team 2
TDIndustries, Inc. - Team 1
TDIndustries, Inc. - Team 2
Tellepsen - Team 1
Tellepsen - Team 2
Texas Moisture Protection - Team 1
Texas Moisture Protection - Team 2
Waste Transfer Partners

First Place Winners: BCSG Insurance Services