AGC Houston Host Women in Construction Focus Group

Last fall, AGC Houston leadership was approached by several members to create a forum specifically designed for women in construction.  The only caveat to the program was that members of the forum must be “boot-wearing women” in the field, actively working on jobsites.  In an effort to bring meaningful programming to the group, the steering committee hosted an interactive focus group on November 27, 2018 at TDIndustries which drew more than 50 attendees – from young project engineers to seasoned professionals with more than 40 years in the construction industry. The program focused on issues that women face in the field and provided a means to discuss them through interactive group discussions.

From the feedback, AGC Houston discovered a clear picture of who the average woman is in the field and how she feels about her career choice.  Secondly, the Women In Construction steering committee captured statements and data from the November 27th focus group regarding what it takes to be successful in a historically male-dominated industry.  Lastly, these women gave us their vision of the future and insight on how to move forward.